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In 2016 we had this small pipe dream idea of moving across the globe. After spending almost three years living in Florida and then coming back to New Jersey for a while, we just felt a bit out of place. Yes, the familiarity of our family and friends were there, but we still had the yearning to move somewhere new.

We played around with the ideas of moving to Austin, Jacksonville, LA, Nashville, etc. We had even considered getting an RV and traveling around the U.S. from place to place. All the while, we daydreamed of moving out of the country within a year from then, but we simply set the idea aside.

After doing some more research we agreed that now was the time to do it!

So within 90 days, we took our plans from concept to fruition.  The process was fast paced and stressful, but also enjoyable.

We got rid of all of our crap, got our visas, and packed our things (including our two beautiful cats) on a plane!

Expats With Cats was created to put our dreams of an unconventional life out there for others to see.  the growth, struggles, and inspirations that will stem from this newfound freedom and adventurous journey.

Above all things, we would love nothing more than to open the minds of others and provide the inspiration and courage to take leaps in life, even if they scare you.

ESPECIALLY if they scare you.

Throughout our time here, we’ll be sharing posts on what we’re up to, how we changed our mindset to do something so crazy, and resources for others.

After leaving the U.S., we hope to experience new foods, culture, growth, and adventure.  We’ll be blogging about how we did it, how you can do it, and the experiences that we’re finding in our travels.

We hope that you subscribe to our e-mail list and follow us on our incredible journey!

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